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How to count your steps and get rewards for walking (SWEATCOIN)

Exercise and Diet are like 50-50 to reach your target and continue to improve in the long term Sometimes going to the gym is not always possible, but increasing your steps it's the easier way to be active every day and burn more calories. This application  ⇰  (you can click on the link and register for free with your email)  This app gives you virtual coins to get freebies: a lot of rewards like a free day in your local gym or a weekly/monthly supply of vitamins or just a free coffee. To obtain these virtual coins, all you need to do is Walk! Simple as that, the more you walk the more coins you get. Finding the motivation could be hard sometimes , so having rewards could definitely help, especially at the beginning, because changing a habit is the hardest part, but trust me after few weeks, when walking over 10000 steps will be your new routine you will not get back to the old habits. Keep in mind that Rewards are always secondary, t

(Best of Both) B.O.B. Milk, tastes like semi skimmed but reduced in fat like the skimmed one

Skimmed milk (red top) could be tasteless if you are used to have full fat milk (blue top)   or even the semi-skimmed one (green top). So I would like to recommend BOB milk (yellow top)   if Milk is something that you would frequently use in your diet we need to consider every amount in your teas or coffees as well, so not only breakfast. Low caloric and low-fat milk like this could be used as a healthy snack with some cereals during the day or just a glass as a very quick alternative when you don’t have time to make breakfast or to break a long gap between one meal and another. The taste it’s even similar to the semi skimmed-milk but, the calories are like the skimmed milk. Extra tip : as a quick snack or breakfast, you can add Horlicks or Ovaltine LIGHT to make the drink more nutritious and tasteful, will be still lower in calories but definitely higher in vitamins and minerals. Here’s a picture I took to help with the label, a good portion  around 200ml contain 83

Low Caloric Drinks different brand and type of beers wines and ciders compared

As we discussed in the previous post Calories in Alcohol are very high plus  are empty calories because will not fill you up But we have also discussed about compromises to still have drinks socially or just to relax So here some alternatives to have a reduce amount of calories and still enjoy some drinks once in a while About Beers: In the past, light beers were famous for a terrible taste, I am not going to lie, but nowadays any big brand is making to own light alternatives which taste really similar to the original version , with the huge difference that the calories are two or even three times less. Practical advices on what to choose: Guinness Draught:125 calories per bootle , if you like dark beers and this beer i s not even a Light version Bud Light: 110 calories per bootle Bud Select: 55 calories per bootle, One of the lowest  Miller Genuine draft: 64 calories per bootle Coors Light: 102 calories  per bootle Corona Light: 99 calories 

Calories in Alcohol comparison between different drinks ( Gin and Tonic, Beer, Vodka club, Wine and Champagne)

I definitely understand having a drink socially or just to relax sometimes, so I won’t advice you to STOP drinking completely We need to think about the long term and how to keep this changes doable and NOT just a big restriction on everything all the time. So let’s find some compromises to still enjoy some drinks but without having an enormous amount of calories that is not even filling you because it’s not food but just liquids.  First of all we should try to not have a binge drinking, only because all that amount of alcohol will be easily converted in fat in our body so the more you exceed in once the more you store and put on weight  So first of all ask to yourself if you really want to BUY and if you really need that EXTRA drink when maybe you already had a couple and you are enjoying the night with your friends so far.  Now  about the calories  as you can see from the picture the Vodka club and Champagne are the the lowest in calories but what if

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Belvita Breakfast, nutritional info and which one to choose

Belvita Breakfast :  49 kcal and 3gr of sugars per biscuit  I would recommend a packet of four biscuits as an alternative for breakfast or half a packet for two snacks during the day. You can find five packets per confection for £2  (sometimes with a discount up to £1)  so that would be five breakfasts or ten snacks. You can find different flavours like chocolate chips or  honey and oats  both of them good in taste but the major benefit are the  slow release carbs in these biscuits which give you energy for at least three or four  hours  which is enough to avoid snacking on something else and crave more food.  P lus the slow release carbs are helping to not increase your glycemic index too fast, giving you energy for longer. To not confuse it with any other product from Belvita that could be higher in sugar and calories, for example the Soft Bakes. Update on this products : I would recommend to always check the label and prefer to one that says "-30%

What you will find in this blog

This is a new blog with no copy and paste from other websites, every article was made from scratch to give you:  Extra help and advices with your lifestyle changes and practical solutions.  Share support in this community, feel free to ask or share in the comment section whenever you want 24/7. Share news and information based on scientific evidence from a Registered Dietitian .  Help to choose the best everyday products in your local groceries. Subscribe with your email if you want, is everything absolutely free. And if you are new in this blog, have a look in the archive for the previous advices I gave. And Please feel free to share this blog with friends or whoever you think could benefit from these advices, thanks. Updated every Month, you don’t have to wait until Monday to start the diet, because it’s not a diet!  It’s about everyday healthier choices, and any day is good to improve little by little.  If English is not your first language, I put a translate butto

How to find a routine and a structure everyday, developing new habits

Quality and quantity of food are important for sure but When the food is eaten is important as well. The first thing we usually think when starting a new diet is about: -  What we eat  -  How much we eat Rarely focusing on "when" we eat  Is important to focus on this aspect as well to make these changes more like lifestyle improvements instead of just another diet that could last just for few months, so we are looking for something in the long run instead of a quick temporary fix  To explain  better the concept of time when eating: Time should't be seen as a reschriction or like a deadline, it should be used to have a regular timetable depending on the day and depending on your schedules. Something that in the long term can help you to stay on track without even noticing, and that is exactly what a new habit and an improved lifestyle target we are aiming for. Everyone has different  schedules and is normal to have very busy days when is hard to keep track, so how do we