Belvita Breakfast, nutritional info and which one to choose

Belvita Breakfast

49 kcal and 3gr of sugars per biscuit

 I would recommend a packet of four biscuits as an alternative for breakfast or half a packet for two snacks during the day.

You can find five packets per confection for £2 
(sometimes with a discount up to £1) 
so that would be five breakfasts or ten snacks.

You can find different flavours like

chocolate chips or 
honey and oats 
both of them good in taste but the major benefit are the 
slow release carbs in these biscuits which
give you energy for at least three or four hours 
which is enough to avoid snacking on something else and crave more food.

 Plus the slow release carbs are helping to not increase your glycemic index too fast, giving you energy for longer.

To not confuse it with any other product from Belvita that could be higher in sugar and calories, for example the Soft Bakes.

Update on this products: I would recommend to always check the label and prefer to one that says "-30% sugar" to avoid the full sugar version of these biscuits.


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