Calories in Alcohol comparison between different drinks ( Gin and Tonic, Beer, Vodka club, Wine and Champagne)

I definitely understand having a drink socially or just to relax sometimes, so I won’t advice you to STOP drinking completely

We need to think about the long term and how to keep this changes doable and NOT just a big restriction on everything
all the time.

So let’s find some compromises to still enjoy some drinks but without having an enormous amount of calories that is not even filling you because it’s not food but just liquids. 

First of all we should try to not have a binge drinking, only because all that amount of alcohol will be easily converted in fat in our body so the more you exceed in once the more you store and put on weight 

So first of all ask to yourself if you really want to BUY and if you really need that EXTRA drink when maybe you already had a couple and you are enjoying the night with your friends so far. 

Now about the calories as you can see from the picture the Vodka club and Champagne are the the lowest in calories but what if you prefer wine, beer or ciders?
In the next post I will give you options to choose between those. 


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