Alternatives to sugar like Xylitol and Erythritol and discussion about Stevia and Yacon Syrup

We discussed calories in Sugar and Honey in the previous post.

The best option is to gradually reduce and stop with extra sugar in any drink, but what if you can't drink it without?

In this case: Let's find some alternatives low in calories and glucose

  • STEVIA: this is not a brand, it is a plant from South America considered as a ZERO calories substitute of sugar, I would recommend this one because is not made of harmful chemicals like the other sweetener since the sugar is obtained naturally from the leaves of this plant.

The only challenge could be to get used to this taste, but some time is just a matter of time until you will not notice any difference but you will save 300 or more spoons of sugars at the end of the year.

  • YACON SYRUP: another plant-based 100% natural product, there are actually interesting researches on how it helps to lose weight and avoid increasing the production of insulin and is beneficial against constipation. I would not recommend this only if you suffer from IBS, because high in FODMAP.

If you don't like at all the taste of Stevia you can try some sweeteners that have a similar taste like sugar but are lower in calories and glucose (but still higher compared to stevia):

  • Xylitol ( lower in calories and can improve your dental health)
  • Erythritol (taste exactly like sugar but more than 10 time lower in calories)
I know that these names sound complicated but are easy to check on the label the ingredients and find out which brand has these sweeteners without other harmful chemicals.

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