Are Seeds helpful with weight loss ? Comparison between Flax Pumpkin and Chia and portion control

The varieties of seeds we can find in the standard groceries are amazing but that means that we need to pay extra attention to check and choose the right one.

Here is a list of the ones to prefer and why:

- Flax seeds:
 55 kcal per tablespoon
 4gr of fat, and 3 gr of Fibers
 High in Fiber and Omega 3 but low in calories 

- Pumpkin seeds: 
less than 100 kcal per tablespoon
2 gr of fat and 6 gr of Carbs but one-third of that are Fibers
High in Zinc and more minerals that can help to maintain a regular bowel against constipation

- Chia seeds:
60 kcal per tablespoon
3 gr of fat and 5 gr of Carbs 
but almost all of them are fibres (4gr)
High in Iron, Magnesium, Calcium and Vitamin E

Two more good reasons:

Taste is good in many ways from a snack to a sprinkle on your main dish

and they are very filling. 

How much to eat?

To make thins easier, One full tablespoon (10 grams) should be enough but you can have this even twice during the day.


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