Instant Porridge Pots comparison between different Brands: Quacker, Scotts, Kellogs, Oomf, Tesco and Asda

We discussed in the previous post about overnight oats that require to be prepared the night before, but what if you want something similar without any preparation?

Instant porridge could be an alternative to have a different and definitely quick breakfast, but since the porridge is readymade we need to pay attention to the ingredients to find the lowest in calories and sugar to choose.

Here some alternatives:

- Tesco Free Orginal or Syrup: 180 kcal per pot

- Asda  by you Apple & Blueberry /Red Fruits /Syrup: around 200 kcal per pot

- Quacker oat so simple Original: 190 kcal per pot

 -Oomf! skinny oats Berry /Original golden  syrup: around 190 kcal per pot

- Scott's so easy Original: around 180 kcal per pot

- Kellogs Multigrain: around 190 kcal per pot

- Peppa Pig Instant strawberry /banana /golden syrup flavour: is the lowest in calories because is also one of the smallest in portion, to keep this alternative only if you can deal with this portion or not used to have too much food for breakfast. 
Around 130 Kcal per pot

Making your own porridge is still the healthier and cheaper solution but occasionally is completely fine to have a quick and still low alternative.


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