Vegan alternatives low in carbs that can be used in any diet

Vegan alternatives low in carbs that can be used in any diet

One of the few things that usually is never reduced but always increased when starting a diet is the amount of vegetables to have, obviously there are many reasons for that from the low caloric intake to the vitamins and minerals provided, but having more choices from vegetables and derivates will help you to enjoy more the changes you are making.

 Doesn't matter if you are vegan or not you can always introduce these ingredients that we are going to discuss now

Vegetables, Vegetable Basket, Harvest

Low caloric alternatives: Tofu, Seitan and Legumes

The aim is to get enough healthy proteins without increasing excessively the number of carbs and fat

For a wight loss targetyou can count your daily intake of carbs and try to stay in a range between: 

60 grams in case you are sedentary almost every day and

 a maximum of 100 grams in case you are very active daily 

Here some low caloric and low carbs alternatives that can be included easily in any diet so you don't have to be vegetarian or vegan to enjoy these ingredients and can be used for a quick snack or part of your main dish:

Tofu, Tofu Kimchi, Korean Food, Kimchi

- TOFU: 100 grams have 8 gr of fat 

- SEITAN: 100 grams have only 2.4 gr of fat

- LEGUMES are a good source of protein and could be an alternative to any animal product 100 grams contain  80 kcal and just 0.4 grams but be careful to buy the no added sugar version or even better if make it from scratch 

Beans, Leguminous Plants, Legumes, Green

Another vegan ingredient flexible to be used in many recipes are seeds 

SEEDS to prefer: Flax, Pumpkins, Chia
The varieties of seeds we can find in the standard groceries are amazing but that means that we need to pay extra attention to check and choose the right one.

Let's discuss these 3 options in details now

Are Seeds helpful with weight loss ? Comparison between Flax Pumpkin and Chi

Here is a list of the ones to prefer and why:

- Flax seeds:
 55 kcal per tablespoon
 4gr of fat, and 3 gr of Fibers
 High in Fiber and Omega 3 but low in calories 

- Pumpkin seeds: 
less than 100 kcal per tablespoon
2 gr of fat and 6 gr of Carbs but one-third of that are Fibers
High in Zinc and more minerals that can help to maintain a regular bowel against constipation

- Chia seeds:
60 kcal per tablespoon
3 gr of fat and 5 gr of Carbs 
but almost all of them are fibres (4gr)
High in Iron, Magnesium, Calcium and Vitamin E

Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Chia, Sesame

Two more good reasons:

- The taste is good in many ways from a snack to a sprinkle on your main dish

- They are very filling, because naturally high in fibres 

How much to eat?

To make things easier, One full tablespoon (10 grams) should be enough but you can have this even twice during the day.

If you are interested to introduce more vegan ingredients in your daily intake, here some more good alternatives:


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