Vegan alternatives low in carbs that can be used in ANY diet: Tofu Seitan Legumes and seeds

The aim is to get enough healthy proteins without increasing excessively the number of carbs and fat

For a wight loss targetyou can count your daily intake of carbs and try to stay in a range between: 

60 grams in case you are sedentary almost every day and

 a maximum of 100 grams in case you are very active daily 

Here some low caloric and low carbs alternatives that can be included easily in any diet so you don't have to be vegetarian to enjoy these ingredients and can be used for a quick snack or part of your main dish:

- TOFU: 100 grams have 8 gr of fat 

- SEITAN: 100 grams have only 2.4 gr of fat

- LEGUMES are a good source of protein and could be an alternative to any animal product100 grams contain  80 kcal and just 0.4 grams but be careful to buy the no added sugar version or even better if make it from scratch 

SEEDS to prefer: Flax, Pumpkins, Quinia, Chia and Sesame - Mini vegan Quiches: just 35 kcal each (but depends if you have portion control already)- Frozen Grapes: 30 of them are around 100 kcal 

- LOW CARB GRANOLA BARS: in this case checking the label is again the best way to find the best solution based on your taste

In the next few weeks, I will discuss more alternatives (vegan and not vegan) plus some recipes to use these ingredients, that at the beginning could sound weird, or just new, but as soon as you will get used to it can be easily integrated into your monthly diet to give even more varieties.


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