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Everyday Food fortified with Vitamins and Minerals like Cereals Flour Bread and Dairy products

Some countries decided to fortify everyday food with vitamins or minerals which the population is lacking, for instance in the UK, Vitamin D. There is usually no side effect on this and this kind of products because they are completely safe, to make it simple they just added Vitamins or Minerals in the product and that makes them called: Fortified  You can be prescribed with supplements in case of really low level, but the best solution is to prevent this lack introducing more of this nutrients in your diet , especially when is not easy to get sunlight which unfortunately could be the majority of the time during the year Here a list of fortified foods: CEREALS : the majority of breakfast cereal are fortified,  not only with Vitamin D, bus also Iron, Calcium and Vitamin A , to check the label to find out which brand is adding more of these nutrients. FLOUR : if you are buying that from almost any groceries this should be fortified in Calcium, Iron, Vitamin B1 and B3,

How to stop smoking without increasing the food intake and the get right help

Here some alternatives to help you stop smoking if you need a little help Consider first that is completely fine to get some support and is good to have some specialized help when is possible. Also, this can be used especially when you feel you want to restart smoking. Because half of the process is to quit smoking but the other half is actually maintaining this huge improvement. Champix : usually prescribed by your GP, a 12 week tablets treatment where at the beginning you  can still smoke and take tablets contemporary but usually in 2 weeks patients quit smoking  Here is a useful link about the medication that includes any possible contraindication NHS stop smoking programme is free , with qualified specialist they can help to stop without medication if you are already on the good path  Here is a useful link that helps you find the nearest place for this service h

Skyr products and Nordic style yogurt, difference compared to Greek yogurt and nutritional information

Icelandic style yogurt is famous because of:  - The high amount of protein  - The low amount of fat but this doesn't mean that is low in calories  - Also high in Calcium, Phosphorus and Vitamin B12 A portion of 150 gr (one third of the big 450gr pot)  Contains 95 kcal which are more than some other low fat yoghurt, so why is that? Simply because proteins contain calories too and having an excessive amount gives you too many calories exactly like carbs or fat. Discussed this I am not saying to avoid this yogurt. What I am saying is  that this alternative could be used as a replacement of one major meal like a quick Breakfast or Lunch but should not be used just as a snack because could be easily a high caloric snack especially after dinner We will discuss more yogurt alternatives in the next posts.

Dairy products What kind of cheese and yogurt to choose, by comparing different alternatives

D iary products What kind of cheese and yogurt to choose,  by comparing different alternatives  Diary products are one of the most common ingredient is a lot of different products, so it's not easy to complete avoid them, so let's compare and discuss the best alternatives in this huge range of alternatives, starting from cheese. To all the cheese lovers is not easy to cut down on the fat intake without cutting down on cheese and sometimes low fat or light alternatives are not exactly the same in terms of taste plus another thing to consider is the amount of salt and cholesterol . Portions and frequency are important to achieve a balance with any kind of food but with the right choices,  we can stil l enjo y  one of the most delicious product. so let's find some good alternatives. Cheeses comparison QUARK : only 30 Kcal per 50 gr and almost fat and salt free (0.2-0.1 gr) usually you can get 250 gr for only 1.25£ MOZZARELLA : 1 Oz contains 85 Kcal even less if you c