How to stop smoking without increasing the food intake and the get right help

Here some alternatives to help you stop smoking if you need a little help
Consider first that is completely fine to get some support and is good to have some specialized help when is possible.
Also, this can be used especially when you feel you want to restart smoking.

Because half of the process is to quit smoking but the other half is actually maintaining this huge improvement.

  • Champix: usually prescribed by your GP, a 12 week tablets treatment where at the beginning you  can still smoke and take tablets contemporary but usually in 2 weeks patients quit smoking 

Here is a useful link about the medication that includes any possible contraindication

  • NHS stop smoking programme is free, with qualified specialist they can help to stop without medication if you are already on the good path 

Here is a useful link that helps you find the nearest place for this service

  • Would you prefer without "medications" or any help from a service?  

In this case, motivation and time are important, slowly decreasing cigarettes to switch with the electronic one could be the first step and after that reducing the amount of nicotine in the E-cigarettes until you get nicotine free.
Could take longer but that really depends on you

Extra tips that can be useful in any of this option above are:

- Keeping yourself busy, some time is more about smoking for boredom if you think about it

- Make a plan for the future: if you ever feel that you would like to restart smoking apply this plan as a kind of self prevention, this could include planning different activities to not think about smoking or literally not having even the time for that

- A little help from your diet: food like fruits, vegetables and cheese usually make taste the cigarettes terrible so especially at the beginning you can try to increase more these products.
 Instead, cigarettes taste better with fizzy and alcoholic drinks and avoiding all these products during critical times like the beginning can help reduce your smoking temptations.

- Think about the money! any motivation with your improvement could be helpful, just think about how packets you didn't buy this last month and how much you saved
Or just think about how many packets/ money are you going to save this month/year if you resist

- Think about your health: this should be actually the main reason, the list of all the disease risk increased by smoking are only increasing day by day I will not even list it here

- Vent it out/ Show it off: that's right, talk about your great change with anyone, having compliments and support from people will definitely help you to keep this positive change unless you are talking to a tobacco producer boss which is improbable.

Hope this is helpful enough to start your healthy lifestyle changes but if you need extra support don't hesitate to use  the form you can find on the left of this post.

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