Skyr products and Nordic style yogurt, difference compared to Greek yogurt and nutritional information

Icelandic style yogurt is famous because of:

 - The high amount of protein

 - The low amount of fat but this doesn't mean that is low in calories

 - Also high in Calcium, Phosphorus and Vitamin B12

A portion of 150 gr
(one third of the big 450gr pot) 

Contains 95 kcal which are more than some other low fat yoghurt, so why is that?

Simply because proteins contain calories too and having an excessive amount gives you too many calories exactly like carbs or fat.

Discussed this I am not saying to avoid this yogurt.

What I am saying is  that this alternative could be used as a replacement of one major meal like a quick Breakfast or Lunch but should not be used just as a snack because could be easily a high caloric snack especially after dinner

We will discuss more yogurt alternatives in the next posts.


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