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Carbs alternatives: Sweet potato and Yam, differences and nutritional value per 100gr

The name says  "sweet" but this doesn't mean that is high in sugar. Here is a comparison with the regular Potatoes SWEET POTATOES (100 gr baked with skin) - 90 kcal  - Carbs 20 gr - Fibers 3.3 gr - Fat 0.2 gr - Protein 2 gr Contain high amount of Vitamin A but also Vitamin B1, B2, B3. B5. B6, C And minerals like Iron, Manganese, Magnesium, Potassium, Copper and Phosphorus YAMS (100 gr boiled or baked) - 115 kcal - Carbs 27 gr - Fibers 3.9 gr - Fat 0.1 gr - Protein 1.5 gr Same kind of vitamins and minerals like in the sweet potatoes but the amount is defintely lower excepts Potassium and manganese  Now let's compare these two with the common Potatoes per 100 gr boiled with skin - 90 kcal - Carbs  20.1 gr - Sugar 0.9 gr - Fibers 1.8 gr - Fat 0.1 gr - Protein 1.9 gr The amount of calories seem the same but they are completely different: The amount of sugars in pot

Food high in VITAMIN D and why is important to have the correct intake

Vitamin D helps the absorption of calcium to maintain bones density giving thems strength and hardness.  Without supplements or enough sunlight especially between October to April could be hard to get enough of this Vitamin So here is a list of food you can find in any groceries and contains a high amount of vitamin D: Grilled herring 1 portion of 120gr contains 19.2 mg of vitamin D Pink Salmon 1 drained portion of 100gr contains 13.6 mg of vitamin D Grilled Kipper 1 portion of  130 gr contains 13.1 mg of vitamin D Mackerel 1 portion of 150gr contains 12.3 mg of vitamin D 2 Scrambled or boiled Eggs contains 3.3 mg of vitamin D As you can see fish is rich in this Vitamin but consider that nowadays is easy to find fortified foods that are not supposed to have any vitamin but has been added, which is completely fine you can check this kind of products on my previous article or just checking on the label.

"Drastic" alternatives N.1 - Better than Pasta

Time to time I will recommend some drastic advice in case you need to reach a target quicker, but this doesn't mean that has to be unhealthy. If you are really determined and you are ok to compromise a little bit with the taste, these two brands  can help you: Better than pasta Slim pasta or rice or noodles Cutting carbs could be very hard, but to help you with the portion control this variety of products can give you the easiest way to cut down to over 100 kcal for each meal you are having. So if you are ok with the flavour you can switch from your normal pasta or rice and slowly cut down on the portions but you are already cutting down with the calories only for the switch itself. Instead, if you really don't like the taste even having this just a few times during the week will be a huge cut down on the calories at the end of the month, so in this way, you can still have your favourite food. For instance, a serving of 100 gr of this pasta contains:

Snack alternatives to have more choices in your diet

It's always a good idea to make sure to try new things possibly every week to never get bored of the diet plan you are currently trying to maintain, sometimes varieties is the key for a long term success. So here some good alternatives to choose from:  Not very famous in the UK but commonly used in Italy, is actually really easy to find in any the ham section To make it simple is like ham but made with beef. This alternative is recommended because: Is very low in fat. No carbs at all. A very good source of protein and iron   which can help you to make you feel fuller for longer Plus is quick to eat and doesn't require any sort of cooking or preparation For one serving around 30 gr: 0 gr of Carbs only 1 gr of Fat 9gr of Protein  Less than 70 calories (which come all from protein and none from carbs) This product can be used plain as a snack or even in your sandwich to make that a quick lunch alternative with some salad or veggies and spread