Carbs alternatives: Sweet potato and Yam, differences and nutritional value per 100gr

The name says  "sweet" but this doesn't mean that is high in sugar.

Here is a comparison with the regular Potatoes

  • SWEET POTATOES (100 gr baked with skin)
- 90 kcal 

- Carbs 20 gr

- Fibers 3.3 gr

- Fat 0.2 gr

- Protein 2 gr

Contain high amount of Vitamin A but also Vitamin B1, B2, B3. B5. B6, C

And minerals like Iron, Manganese, Magnesium, Potassium, Copper and Phosphorus

  • YAMS (100 gr boiled or baked)
- 115 kcal

- Carbs 27 gr

- Fibers 3.9 gr

- Fat 0.1 gr

- Protein 1.5 gr

Same kind of vitamins and minerals like in the sweet potatoes but the amount is defintely lower excepts Potassium and manganese 

  • Now let's compare these two with the common Potatoes per 100 gr boiled with skin
- 90 kcal

- Carbs  20.1 gr

- Sugar 0.9 gr

- Fibers 1.8 gr

- Fat 0.1 gr

- Protein 1.9 gr

The amount of calories seem the same but they are completely different:

  • The amount of sugars in potatoes are higher which means higher glicemic index and quick burn of these energy that will make you feel hungry in a shorter time 

  • Lower amount of Fibers that instead help you to fill fuller with smaller portion and for longer time 

  • Less nutritious in Vitamins and Minerals that can be found in Yams and even more in sweet potatoes 

Extra tip: 

- Leaving the skin gives more nutrients and fibers and can help to reduce the portions 

- Boiling or Baking is reccommended to reduce as much as possible the oil usage

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