"Drastic" alternatives N.1 - Better than Pasta

Time to time I will recommend some drastic advice in case you need to reach a target quicker, but this doesn't mean that has to be unhealthy.

If you are really determined and you are ok to compromise a little bit with the taste, these two brands  can help you:

  • Better than pasta
  • Slim pasta or rice or noodles

Cutting carbs could be very hard, but to help you with the portion control this variety of products can give you the easiest way to cut down to over 100 kcal for each meal you are having.

So if you are ok with the flavour you can switch from your normal pasta or rice and slowly cut down on the portions but you are already cutting down with the calories only for the switch itself.

Instead, if you really don't like the taste even having this just a few times during the week will be a huge cut down on the calories at the end of the month, so in this way, you can still have your favourite food.

For instance, a serving of 100 gr of this pasta contains:

- 9 kcal 

- 4 gr of Fibres 

- No other carbs

- Egg and gluten-free

As you can compare with any other kind of pasta, the same portion would have been 130 kcal
With 25 gr of carbs 

Extra tip: always cook this kind of pasta with some sauce and lot of veggies and you will not notice any difference plus you will get even more vitamins and minerals 


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