Snack alternative N3: Bresaola, what is it, where to find it and nutritional value

Not very famous in the UK but commonly used in Italy,
is actually really easy to find in any the ham section
To make it simple is like ham but made with beef.

This alternative is recommended because:

  • Is very low in fat.
  • No carbs at all.
  • A very good source of protein and iron which can help you to make you feel fuller for longer

Plus is quick to eat and doesn't require any sort of cooking or preparation

For one serving around 30 gr:

0 gr of Carbs

only 1 gr of Fat

9gr of Protein 

Less than 70 calories

(which come all from protein and none from carbs)

This product can be used plain as a snack or even in your sandwich to make that a quick lunch alternative with some salad or veggies and spreadable cheese like Philadelphia.

Extra recommendations: 

Could be high in sodium so be aware in case of High Blood pressure

Red meat should be consumed not more than twice a week but that means you can still have this to get more variety in your diet and have more choices.

Via Pixabay


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