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Zinc a very important nutrient: why and where to find this mineral

I discussed in few articles about different minerals and vitamins because they are important to make your body work and function correctly. Especially talking about metabolism and how your body burn the food when you are trying to loose weight. Why is essential? To keep a proper working immune system  Help to increase satiety  Help to improve metabolism Enzyme function in triggering the process to create body protein and DNA  You can have plenty through your diet but you need to be careful and keep the limit of recommend dose by your Doctor If you are already taking supplements Food High in Zinc:  Lean meat especially beef or lamb, Turkey and shrimps. Seeds (see the article already published Eggs contain moderate amounts  Beans and Legumes especially for vegan diets

Vitamin and Minerals the can help to boost your metabolism and foods high in dose of them

First of all: what is Metabolism exactly? To simplify that, is the process where your body use the actual food to get energy and "burn" that. Age and genetics can slow down this process and unfortunately we can't change that But some vitamins and minerals can help to  boost this process and increase your metabolism, and we can definitely work on this! Here is a list of nutrients that can help to reach and maintain the full potential of your metabolism (included a list of food high in each of this vitamins and minerals) B vitamins  There are many (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12) Where? - Whole foods can maintain better and keep a higher doses of this vitamins (whole grains or brown rice for instance) - Veggies and fruits (especially spinach, squash, apples and watermelons) - Eggs and lean meats note: vitamin B12 is only from animal products but if you are vegan or vegetarian that doesn't consume eggs you can find it in fortified foods (

Alternative N.3 to manage comfort eating and Fibre One products, Low in sugars and high in fibres

Managing comfort eating is never easy, especially at the very beginning.  But how to stop this vicious circle ? Usually f ood high in white simple sugar s   are a common choice to satisfy this craving. But the problem is that makes you crave even more sugars later on, because this ingredient is strongly addictive , and   your brain will always ask for more and more white sugar. To overcome this, having something similar in taste which is actually lower in simple sugars and higher in  fibre   will help you to  reduce  and stop the craving in the  long term , y ou will not even think about comfort eating.  Step by step guide: First of all avoiding temptations make things easier , not having high sugar and high calories products at home will help you to maintain your will power, so just try to avoid buying those products when doing groceries or if you are living with someone just have a talk with other members of your house to just hide in their own space any products that

Are Ryvita products recommended ? (cracker bread, rice cakes and more)

First of all they are quite good in taste which is helpful to have an alternative during the week to have more optionse instead of regular bread, pasta, rice or potatoes. Here some pros: High in FIbre Low saturated fat Vitamin B complex especially B1 and B6 Minerals including: Iron, Magnesium and Zinc Now let's the see the nutritional facts for each of their products: Multigrain crispbread per slice: - Calories: 37 kcal  - Protein: 1.1 gr - Carbs 6.7 gr - Fibre: 1.8 gr - Fat 0.6 gr Cruncy rye breads per slice: - Calories: 37 kcal - Protein: 1.3 gr - Carbs 5.8 gr - Fibre: 1.8 gr - Fat 0.5 gr - There are different version you can choose, with similar nutritional values Rye cakes per piece: - Calories: 23 kcal - Protein: 0.6 gr - Carbs 4.3 gr - Fibre: 0.9  gr - Fat 0.2 gr - There are different version you can choose, with similar nutritional values Original Crackerbrea