Vitamin and Minerals the can help to boost your metabolism and foods high in dose of them

First of all: what is Metabolism exactly?

To simplify that, is the process where your body use the actual food to get energy and "burn" that.
Age and genetics can slow down this process and unfortunately we can't change that

But some vitamins and minerals can help to  boost this process and increase your metabolism, and we can definitely work on this!

Here is a list of nutrients that can help to reach and maintain the full potential of your metabolism
(included a list of food high in each of this vitamins and minerals)

  • B vitamins 
There are many (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12)

- Whole foods can maintain better and keep a higher doses of this vitamins (whole grains or brown rice for instance)

- Veggies and fruits (especially spinach, squash, apples and watermelons)

- Eggs and lean meats

note: vitamin B12 is only from animal products but if you are vegan or vegetarian that doesn't consume eggs you can find it in fortified foods (cereal, fortified plant based milk)

  • Vitamin D
Especially during winter time is hard to get enough sun so supplements and fortified foods might help to reach the recommended dosage.


- Egg yolks 

- Mushrooms (especially chestnut)

- Fortified Dairy or Cereal 

  • Calcium, Iron and Magnesium
If you are having supplements that should be already enough


- Dairy products (especially Calcium)

- Nuts 

- Tofu (especially Iron)

- Dark green veggies 

Final considerations: 

As you can notice fortified foods are handy to obtain all these nutrients in a good amount without having to get too many things during grocery 
But is also true that varieties is always important to have more choices in your diet and enjoy more every single day

Finally the Zinc is also very important and I want to dedicate a whole article about that in the next post


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