Zinc a very important nutrient: why and where to find this mineral

I discussed in few articles about different minerals and vitamins because they are important to make your body work and function correctly.

Especially talking about metabolism and how your body burn the food when you are trying to loose weight.

Why is essential?

  • To keep a proper working immune system 

  • Help to increase satiety 

  • Help to improve metabolism

  • Enzyme function in triggering the process to create body protein and DNA 

You can have plenty through your diet but you need to be careful and keep the limit of recommend dose by your Doctor If you are already taking supplements

Food High in Zinc:

  •  Lean meat especially beef or lamb, Turkey and shrimps.

  • Seeds (see the article already published https://bettercallsaf.blogspot.com/2019/08/are-seeds-helpful-with-weight-loss.html)

  • Eggs contain moderate amounts 

  • Beans and Legumes especially for vegan diets


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