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Healthy snack alternative: EDAMAME what is it and nutritional value

What is and why Edamame ?  Is a soybean which means is suitable in vegan diet Naturally Gluten Free and Cholesterol free  Excellent source of protein Iron and Calcium considering is not an animal product  How? They are usually sold in their pods that are not meant to be eaten  The beans can be boiled, steamed or microwaved before eating them, so th ey could a very quick and easy snack alternatives Nutritional info for half cup (80gr): Calories: 90  Protein: 9 gr Carbs: 8 gr which more than half are Fibres (4gr)  Fat: 4 gr  Minerals: Magnesium, Iron and Calcium  Via Pixabay

Snack alternatives: Crab sticks

Another quick and easy snack alternative could be crab sticks Per 100 gr of products: 95 calories, usually less than 20 calories per stick so a serving of 4 or 5  sticks is under 100 calories  Less than 1 gr of fat, depending on the brand but usually is always zero point something which is a very low amount  15 gr of Carbs, but less than half of this quantity is actually sugars so is relatively low in carbs too Things to consider: Could be high in Sodium so not recommended if you are trying to cut down on your salt intake. Again depends on the brand, so that's why is always important to check the label, to compare and choose the lowest in salt content  Important note:  This is just an alternative to use once in a while to have more varieties, certainly is not a nutritious food, so not to be used everyday

Cauliflower rice why to prefer it and the best way to cook it

Why to choose it ? First of all is not counting as a carb but could be used as a replacement to the traditional rice and other carbs like pasta, once in a while to have more variety and reduce the caloric intake at the end of the month. Per 100 gr of product: 30-40 calories, which compared to any other carb alternatives is 3 or 4 time less in calories (for instance the same portion of rice would have been around 150 calories or more)   4 gr of Carbs which is almost nothing and that's why is countable as a 5 a day  0 gr of fat There are different ways to cook it: in the microwave: the easiest and quickest way, also consider that no oil is used for this Roasting is preferred than stir-frying because won't be soggy but instead will be even closer in taste and texture like proper rice  Always add a nice rich sauce to that to enjoy this product like a chilly or a curry for instance  Extra tip: You can find it ready made in the froze

Quinoa, why to introduce this as a carb alternative

Quinoa know as the mother of all grains from the ancient population in America has different reasons to be chosen in your diet: Slow carbs release and naturally gluten free Essential Vitamins and Mineral such as In good amounts:  Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorus  In relevant amounts:  Folate, Copper, Iron, Zinc and Potassium Vitamin B1, B3, B6 and E Now for 100gr of cooked Quinoa contains: 120 Calories 21 gr of Carbs which 2.8 gr are fibres 4.4 gr of Protein 1.9 gr of Fat Some additional facts: As explained before is a low glycemic index product with slow carbs release (GI score 53) which good compared to other traditional carbs like white rice and pasta Higher amount of Fibres than brown rice Has complete proteins which is not to easy to find in non-animal products Contains QUERCETIN and SQUALENE, both of them antioxidants So all of these means that can be helpful to control and improve blood sugar levels and weight loss Extr