Cauliflower rice why to prefer it and the best way to cook it

Why to choose it ?

First of all is not counting as a carb but could be used as a replacement to the traditional rice and other carbs like pasta, once in a while to have more variety and reduce the caloric intake at the end of the month.

Per 100 gr of product:

  • 30-40 calories, which compared to any other carb alternatives is 3 or 4 time less in calories (for instance the same portion of rice would have been around 150 calories or more) 

  •  4 gr of Carbs which is almost nothing and that's why is countable as a 5 a day 

  • 0 gr of fat

There are different ways to cook it:

  • in the microwave: the easiest and quickest way, also consider that no oil is used for this

  • Roasting is preferred than stir-frying because won't be soggy but instead will be even closer in taste and texture like proper rice 
Always add a nice rich sauce to that to enjoy this product like a chilly or a curry for instance 

Extra tip:

You can find it ready made in the frozen section of any groceries, and this time any brand has similar amount of calories for the plain version of the cauliflower rice so you can choose the one you prefer and after that you can choose what kind of sauce to add.

But you can also choose to make that at home with a food processor or a grater.


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