Healthy snack alternative: EDAMAME what is it and nutritional value

What is and why Edamame ?

  •  Is a soybean which means is suitable in vegan diet

  • Naturally Gluten Free and Cholesterol free 

  • Excellent source of protein Iron and Calcium considering is not an animal product 


They are usually sold in their pods that are not meant to be eaten 

The beans can be boiled, steamed or microwaved before eating them, so they could a very quick and easy snack alternatives

Nutritional info for half cup (80gr):

  • Calories: 90 

  • Protein: 9 gr

  • Carbs: 8 gr which more than half are Fibres (4gr) 

  • Fat: 4 gr 

  • Minerals: Magnesium, Iron and Calcium 

Via Pixabay


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