Snack alternatives: Crab sticks

Another quick and easy snack alternative could be crab sticks

Per 100 gr of products:

  • 95 calories, usually less than 20 calories per stick so a serving of 4 or 5  sticks is under 100 calories 

  • Less than 1 gr of fat, depending on the brand but usually is always zero point something which is a very low amount 

  • 15 gr of Carbs, but less than half of this quantity is actually sugars so is relatively low in carbs too

Things to consider:

Could be high in Sodium so not recommended if you are trying to cut down on your salt intake.
Again depends on the brand, so that's why is always important to check the label, to compare and choose the lowest in salt content 

Important note: 

This is just an alternative to use once in a while to have more varieties, certainly is not a nutritious food, so not to be used everyday


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