Introducing more LEGUMES in your diet, varieties and nutritional value focuses on the protein intake

Usually vegetables don't provide the same amount and quality of protein like animal products
But there is an exception made for different varieties of legumes which can provide a healthy and complete protein source

Let's compare now different varieties per cup

Peas 150 gr:

  • Calories  120

  • Protein  8gr

  • Fibers 8 gr

Lentils 200 gr

  • Calories  240 

  • Protein  18gr

  • Fibers 16 gr

Chickpeas 150gr

  • Calories  260 

  • Protein  14gr

  • Fibers 12 gr

Black Beans 150 gr

  • Calories  200

  • Protein  15 gr

  • Fibers 14 gr

Via Pixabay


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