Jordan's Skinny Syrup zero calories, alternative to sugar or honey or sweetener

We already discussed about the amount of calories in each spoon of sugar or honey
and we already discussed the natural alterantives to reduce the intake of artificial sweetener

If you would like to read these two articles here the links:

Now if all of the above is not working because of the taste, as a last resort you could try this syrup

To be honest having the natural sweetener like stevia would be the best solution but if you can't get use to the taste, having a zero sugar and zero calories alternatives is still better than having white sugar, especially if you are Diabetic, pre-diabetic or Obese.

Jordan's skinny syrup has:

Zero Calories

Zero Sugars

Comes in different flavours:


Salted Caramel


Brown sugar 

Where to find it:


or easier to find online instead than standard groceries 

Note: contains artificial flavours and preservatives so again to use it as a very last resort


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