Low fat rice or chocolate pudding, which one to choose, comparison made with different brands

Pudding could be a good snack alternative if we pay attention on the amount of calories sugars and fats that can change enourmously from one brand to another

So here is a selection of which one to choose:

Tesco low fat rice pudding per 100 gr:

76 calories  

0.8  gr of fat

14.4  gr carbs (7 gr of sugars)

Alpro smooth chocolate per 100 gr:

83 calories  

1.9 gr of fat

13 gr carbs (10.5 gr of sugars)

Muller light chocolate fix per 100 gr:

95  calories  

2.7 gr of fat

15 gr carbs (9.6 gr of sugars)

Muller low fat rice pudding per 100 gr:

101 calories  

2.6 gr of fat

16.1 gr carbs (10 gr of sugars)


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