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Real Benefits, Caffein content of Green Tea and false myths about that

Before listing the benefits let's say that Green Tea CAN help  but only if included as a part of a healthy lifestyle so it won't be a remedy to balance all the unhealthy choices. Can help to loose weight ? Studies shown that just ADDING green tea  to your daily routine might not help with significant weight loss.   But switching this drink without added sugars instead of fizzy drinks or any other sugary drink is going mathematically to reduce  your caloric intake and that is a fact especially in the long term journey. Again following this reasoning the switch will help to reduce and control better the sugar levels in your blood, consider that if you are already avoiding sugary/fizzy drinks the benefit could be minimal because of healthier choices already in place. For instance: Switching From a daily consumption of soda could save as 50000 calories as average per year! Caffein content: Depending on the brand. But usually the caffeine amount is lower

Benefits of Sauerkraut (fermented raw cabbage) what is it and nutritional value?

WHAT IS IT ? Fermented raw cabbage with a unique sour flavour   The name is German where is very famous  but originally comes from Asia  similar to Kimchi (Korea) or Brovada (North Italy) BENEFITS: Fermentation makes more available the minerals and vitamins, especially Vitamin C and K  The unpasteurised version keeps the alive probiotics lactobacilli and fibres which help to promote a healthy bowel  The enzymes contained help to breakdown food easily and make it more digestible  NUTRITIONAL VALUE per 100 gr: - Kcal 19 - Carbs  4.3 gr which  2.9 gr are Fibers 1.8 gr are Sugars - Fat 0.1 gr - Protein 0.9 gr -  Vitamins:  C and K (relevant amounts) and B6 (small amounts) - Minerals: Calcium, Iron and Magnesium (small amounts) No Cholesterol or Saturated fats  DISADVANTAGES: High in sodium so not recommend if you are trying to reduce the intake of this mineral. So this is another option to intr

Professional Partnership with

I'm pleased to introduce this professional Partnership with Ariel Please check her website for more info!           Diet, Nutrition Therapy and Global Health The latest right medical Infos and tailored nutrition therapies will provide you to explore the relationship with food, our health and the world. Learning the skills that will keep us healthy, and discovering a more fulfilling life just simply through diet. Travel It's a space and a platform to record those days once a while a medical professional left from routine work as a freelancer to travel see the world, over 32 countries brief intro. Sharing experience and having faith to achieve the moment make us stronger and healthier. The memorable moment needs to record. -MVM(NCHU),MSc(UCL),CSG,CDE,CSR -UK ANutr,TW RD -Freelancer -Traveller

Vegan alternative: Zai Cai/ Cha Tsai/ Sichuan Vegetable. what is it and nutritional value

It's good to have more options when talking about veggies and try new things to have more variety in your diet This Pickled mustard plant, usually can be salted and rubbed with red hot chili paste, and after that fermented with a unique spicy, sour and salty taste. Recommended to wash it before consume it, to reduce the salt intake but also the spiceness. Nutritional facts for 100 gr: only 23 calories 0.1 gr fat, almost none basically 2.5 gr of protein 4.6 gr of carbs, which mostly are actually fibers Via Pixabay