How do you eat your meal? Part 2: Place and other Distractions. MINDFULNESS

In the first part we discussed about Speed and Perception while you are eating

Here is the link in case you want to have a look:

Now in this second part we will discuss about other two main points included in the MINDFULNESS:


It does matter, just take a moment to think about a meal consumed at home and the same exact meal and portion consumed at work, the perception we have is different and also how much was satisfying and filling could be perceived differently.

So try to plan ahead where you can have your meal in peace without getting distracted and being able to focus and enjoy more your food

Now even at home the place could make the difference, sitting on a table with a right posture it does help to be more mindful, applying a simple rule: When you eat JUST eat.

Sounds too simple but getting distracted by something in some other places, like the TV in another room or just the Laptop at work, it could distract you from understanding the portion you are having and that would increase the risk to have some extras later on.


Now think about your main meals and thinks how do you eat them, think about the surrounding when you are eating, this section has been made because everyone is different and in lot of different situations, so for sure there are distractions that hasn't been covered in the post but that's why you need to think about them and try to find a possible solution:

Whatever could help you to just focus on the food and the portion you are having

Wherever all of this is easier to apply and maintain 

This has to be considered with the snacking even more:

Sometime we just snack as a habit while doing something else but if we think twice about this, majority of the time you are not even hungry, so again the mindfulness is important as portion control or exercise to get your result in the long term, so get in there!


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