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How to make KENKEY (fermented maze dumpling) calories and recipe. also called KORMI or DORKUNU

WHAT IS IT ? Simple and tasty, Originally from Western Africa. It is similar to sourdough dumplings and could be served with soup, stew or grilled fish. The only thing to consider is the preparation that requires few days for the fermentation process HOW TO MAKE IT: You can find lot of recipes and videos online if you want something more elaborate. This is a simplified version: Ingredients: - 2 cups of cornmeal  - 1 table spoon of corn starch  - dry corn husks  put the cornmeal and starch in a bowl  add warm water (same amount like the cornmeal so 2 cups in this case) stir for a smooth dough cover the bowl and leave it for 2 days in a warm place (fermentation) Now that the dough is ready, scrap any mould formed  Separately in a container Boil 2 cups of water and add salt inland after that  put half of the dough in the water and mix it for 10 min (medium heat) after 10 min. remove it from heat but continue to mix/stir divide the dough in 3 portions an

10 cal fruit jelly one of the snack lowest in sugar and calories, also suitable for vegetarian

One of the first snack alternative I usually discuss with patients is this one: The low sugar Jelly WHY? Suitable for vegetarian ,  which means is suitable for lot of different dietary choices that could be due to religion or ethic reasons, but I would recommend to always double check the label to confirm this. Flexible to mix with other products like yogurt or even ice cream , to still have something that you like but with a considerable reduced amount of sugars and calories Easy to transport as a snack when you are out to avoid a high in calories snacks from the shop  Doesn't require any preparation at all WHICH ONE TO CHOOSE: There are different brands let's see the differences: Hartley's 10 cal jelly: Calories: between 5 and 10 calories depending on the flavour Sugar: 0.1 gr Fat:  0.1 gr Protein: 0.1 gr Flavours:  - Lime - Mango - Orange - Blueberry - Cranberry - Raspberry - Strawberry - Waterm