10 cal fruit jelly one of the snack lowest in sugar and calories, also suitable for vegetarian

One of the first snack alternative I usually discuss with patients is this one:

The low sugar Jelly


  • Suitable for vegetarian, which means is suitable for lot of different dietary choices that could be due to religion or ethic reasons, but I would recommend to always double check the label to confirm this.

  • Flexible to mix with other products like yogurt or even ice cream, to still have something that you like but with a considerable reduced amount of sugars and calories

  • Easy to transport as a snack when you are out to avoid a high in calories snacks from the shop

  •  Doesn't require any preparation at all


There are different brands let's see the differences:

  1. Hartley's 10 cal jelly:
Calories: between 5 and 10 calories depending on the flavour

Sugar: 0.1 gr

Fat:  0.1 gr

Protein: 0.1 gr

- Lime
- Mango
- Orange
- Blueberry
- Cranberry
- Raspberry
- Strawberry
- Watermelon
- Lemon Cheesecake

Extra tip: just pay attention to not confuse with the 50 calories or over made by the same brand 

    2.  Asda low cal jelly:

Calories: between ZERO and 5 calories, so even lower than the branded one!

Sugar: between ZERO and 0.5 gr depending on the flavour

Fat:  none

Protein: none

- Orange
- Raspberry
- Strawberry
- Blackcurrant 

Extra tip: there are less flavour choices but if you are fine with that this option is cheaper as a own groceries brand and also lower in calories 


  1. Anthony Constantinou | Anthony Constantinou CEO CWM FX says Sugar mainly contains 4 calories per gram and it is also quickly digested simple carbohydrate. But provides no essential nutrients. Like adults, teens should limit their daily intake of sugar, especially sugars added during processing to foods such as sodas, candies, pastries and snacks because it increase the sugar level and cause other severe problems too


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