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Protein alternatives or simply having more choices: Tofu, Quorn, Oncom

Let's start by saying that is not always to be just black OR white In this case is not about switching completely to these options instead of your favourite protein intake It's more about  having varieties and alternatives  during the month and sometimes trying new things that you don't know yet if you will love it or hate it,  but let's give a chance at least! So here some alternatives with detailed nutritional values per  100 gr : Tofu  What is it ? Similar procedure as cheesemaking it's made from condensed soy milk, also called bean curd. Nutritional Value: Calories  76  Protein  8 gr Carbs 2 gr Fat  5 gr Where to find it and How to use it? This product now it's very famous and easy to find in any groceries There are different types: - Silken: perfect to be blended like in smoothies or in recipes instead of eggs, so even scrambled on your toast - Firm:  more as a meat substitute, has to be seasoned and usually fried,

Less obvious than how it sounds, The secret to make a good cup of coffee and tea, considering the second most important ingredient

I was in a local bar in Naples when I made a compliment on how good was the coffee and the barista kindly explained to me that the secret was the water! Was the first time hearing something like that so I was curious about this answer, and the reason it's because the tap water from Naples it's usually very pure and low in minerals Thinking about this, actually makes sense that all the waters don't taste the same and just considering  the varieties of minerals you can have in the water really changes a lot from places to places or from different brands, and each mineral changes the taste of it, therefore since this is basically the other half as ingredient for any kind of coffee or tea, it means that changes the taste too! As a personal experience, I can say that the taste of the coffee of the same brand was different in Naples compared to the one I usually had in Rome (where I grew up) So what did change ? Immediately I can recall that the tap wate