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Nutrition during Menopause, Perimenopause, oestrogen plants and food to avoid

How to alleviate all the symptoms during and before the menopause ? Here some practical tips: - Hormones are the first thing changing and you can notice that by the irregular periods before the menopause when after that is going to stop and not have periods anymore The oestrogens are reason for lot of these changes and side effects that you may experience during this time so how can we replace them? There are plant oestrogens which even mildly they can have a similar effect as replacement to the hormones and reduce all the symptoms especially hot flushes and in case you would like to try this alternative before any supplement  Some of this are: - Soya  - Edamame (link below with more information) - Flax or sesame seeds (more information and other seeds properties below) - Peaches and Berries (more i