Nutrition during Menopause, Perimenopause, oestrogen plants and food to avoid

How to alleviate all the symptoms during and before the menopause ?

Here some practical tips:

- Hormones are the first thing changing and you can notice that by the irregular periods before the menopause when after that is going to stop and not have periods anymore

The oestrogens are reason for lot of these changes and side effects that you may experience during this time so how can we replace them?

There are plant oestrogens which even mildly they can have a similar effect as replacement to the hormones and reduce all the symptoms especially hot flushes and in case you would like to try this alternative before any supplement 

Some of this are:

- Soya 

- Edamame (link below with more information)

- Flax or sesame seeds (more information and other seeds properties below)

- Peaches and Berries (more information with low fructose fruits below)

Now an important point to make about water 
is not only to reach the daily amount but it's also
HOW we reach that:
the point is to equally distribute the amount of water during the day when you are awake 
and not to have too much in a short time otherwise that excess will be eliminated by the body instead of being used (especially to prevent or reduce hot flushes) 

Food to avoid:

Some are increasing the symptoms so especially during this time is better to reduce or avoid temporarily if you can:

- Caffeine : to include any other product that may contain this especially fizzy drinks, or chocolate that contains caffeine too

- Alcohol, and to check any product that could contain this as a ingredient 

- Spicy and fast food, the spicy one is self explanatory but about the most common fast food the high amount of fat you can find in these, are not helping to alleviate any symptoms and doing actually the opposite 

Keep in mind that the most unpleasant symptoms are temporary so if you notice that after these tips nothing is changing at all, discussing any supplement with your Doctor will help for sure to alleviate the symptoms


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