Quick Snack alternative: Seaweed, why to choose it and nutritional values

Aldo called "sea vegetables"   and is quite self explenatory
They are basically algae of different colours from the sea

They are nutritious and filling.
As you can notice it is a very light snack
So another good snack alternative to add in your variety
Also easy to use in lot of recipes as ingredient, so really a flexible product.

Here is the nutritional value for 100gr:

Could change depending on the brand and on the variety of algae which are made of

so always double check the label

Calories: 50 kcal

Carbs 10 gr

Protein 2gr

Fat 1 gr

High in:




You can find that in the main groceries and even easier in 

ethnic Asian shops as well.


- The iodine can help to boost the metabolism thanks to a better functioning of your thyroid 

- The high amount of fibres help to control hunger and keep satiety for longer

- It helps with your gut health to promote the healthy bacteria

- Contains a good variety of antioxidants 

Disclaimer: as a precaution to avoid this product only when you are taking blood thinners medication or have kidney issues.


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