Affordable and tasty sugar free products (including shortbread and wafers)

I have discussed last month about 
how hard it can be to find a good sugar free alternative 

That can satisfy your taste without being too expansive 
for products needed on a weekly or daily basis that 
overall might be a huge cost at the end of the month.

We also discussed last time about the
sugar free sugar Maria biscuits from Gullón

So researching for more products of this brand I have noticed that can easily make life simple for all the reason quoted previously

So let's have a look on some of these alternatives 

and please feel free to comment with any other product that you found could be better

Sugar free shortbread per 100 gr:

Calories: 439 

Fats: 18 gr

Sugars: less than 0.5 gr 

Fibre: 4 gr

So as a portion of 2 or 3 biscuits per time, could almost no sugar and less than 100 calories

To consider that the amount of fat could be higher so in that case the following product is lower in fat and also higher in FIber 

Vanilla wafers per 100 gr:

Calories: 431

Fats: 10 gr

Sugars: less than 0.15 gr 

Fibre: 10 gr

There are more products and different brands too, so the first recommendation is to always check the label to choose the best product depending on your specific needs and tastes

Another sugar free product that can be used as a treat is the:

 Maryland Cookies per 100 gr:

Calories: 434

Fats: 22.3 gr

Sugars: less than 0.3 gr 

Fibre: 3.6  

Consider that having treat once in a while is better than feeling restricted in the long term and ending up returning to the previous habits, so these kind of products can help to satisfy those cravings but a better alternative than lot of other products higher in calories and sugar compared to these 3 options 


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