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Homemade meal replacement, advantages and when is a good idea to prefer this

  As the name says a meal replacement is supposed to be a subsitute of one of your main meal, but why would you have that and what are the possible advantages? ADVANTAGES Depending on your personal lifestyle and the dietary targets you are trying to achieve, a meal replacement could be a good idea if you can benefit from one of the following : - Low calories but high in protein: The ingredients to be used for a meal replacements are endless which means you can keep the calories low for any weight loss purpose but keeping the protein high to not lose muscles  - Time saving: Preparing something like a shake cuould take litearally few minutes when the ingredients are already selected and is way better than skipping a meal and avoid long gaps, especially when very busy during the day  - Nutrients: Being able to select the ingredients including supplements/fibres/protein can help to easily achieve the achieve any specific requirements and at the same time avoiding extra calories or an