GL - Glycemic Load what is it, how to calculate this for each food and why can be more accurate than the GI - Glycemic Index

Similar to the GI we can divide food based on GL that can be:

LOW:  under 10

MEDIUM: 11-19

HIGH: over 20 

 In the previous post we discussed about the GI - Glicemic Index and you might have noticed that sometimes could be confusing and has some flows:

- It doesn't consider a portion of that food, so is just giving a generic number to it and sometimes is not that accurate

- An example is: watermelon which appears to have a high GI but is actually not becuase it reaches that level only with a very large portion 

- GI is a good way to make quick food choices but GL is more accurate and is the next step for a better understanding on what kind of food choices to make

- The preparation and other ingredients change the GI for example fibers or a longer cooking method will lower the GI level from the one you will see reported officially

There are many tables you can find online basically for any kind of food and here some:

In case you ever need to calculate this by yourself, here is the formula:

GL = Gl  x Carbohydrate in that food and the resuld divided by 100

For exampe a portion of 200 gr of cous cous has 45 gr of carbs and a GI of 60

So the GL is: 45 x 60 divided by 100 =  27 which is a high GL

As you can see is more accurate becuase is possible to reduce the portion and have a better GL so you don't have to avoid completely any food, this flexibilty is not possible when calculating the Glicemic index because is just giving a single number 

Another tool to make things quikcer is the GL calculator, here is the link if you need:


- This can actually help to prevent spikes of your sugar level and keep that more stable

- Is more accurate as you can get the exact number depending on the portion you are eating 

- It's easy to calculate with the formula provided but nowdays it's quicker to search directly the GL online for the food you are looking for and get the number already calculated for you 

- Better control and prediction of your insulin production anf blood sugar medication if you are using any

Here are some more posts to achieve a low GL diet, I hope it helps:


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