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Night shift and Jet-lag: how to adjust the time and structure of your meals and ideas of what to have plus practical tips

  Becuase of work or leisure or any other reason, changes in your routine might happen and is normal at first to find difficulties to adapt, so here some tips to deal better with it  THINGS TO AVOID: - Overeating at night even during a long shift can increase the amount of calories stored in fat and increase the insulin resistance or chronic gut issues and eventrually affect your sleep during the day in a negative way, keep always in mind that calories at night still count   - If it's a new timetable, it doesn't make sense to try to keep all your old meal times, instead could be better to find a  whole new structure that could be at the same time easier to adapt and more functional, This could be one of the first steps to plan meals ahead - Consumption of caffeine can affect your sleep later on , so depending on your tollerance make sure to not drink it to later in the night, 5 or 6 hours before bed time  and make sure to have any drink that is not decaf  - For the reason abov