Heartburn, how to prevent or relief symptoms and ideas for Breakfast and Dinner to deal with this better

This post is divided in two section

The first one to discuss how to prevent this and the second part on how to alleviate and reduce symptoms in the long term if you’re already suffering of this

But before we start with the dietetic side of it, let's mention few things about the sleeping pattern:

- Which side you prefer to sleep is actually important, considering that is everyday and almost 1/3 as an average of a day, that means is one of the position we are going to be keeping the most during our life

- Sleeping on the LEFT side is better! simply because how our organs are NOT symmetrically placed in our body so with the help of gravity this is the best position to keep your organs while you are sleeping, all of this can prevent or reduce heartburn because gravity will help the waste to move easier in your colon 

- A last point to make about sleeping is not just how many hours you sleep but also WHAT time do you go to sleep, making a routine when possible helps your body to regularise the hormones production and the digestion process which is the base to avoid heartburn 

Food to prefer in order to prevent or alleviate heartburn:

- Green vegetables

- Whole grain becuase high in fibre

- Nuts

- Certain alkaline fruits like banana and melon 

- Or watery fruits like watermelon 

- Herbal tea 

- Low fat milk or yogurt 

- Egg whites 

Some of the most relevant meals to prevent Heartburn are the one around the sleeping time, so that could be breakfast and dinner or any snack before going to sleep

Obviously if you have a different schedule (for example a night shift) then is about the meal before going to sleep and the one when you wake up 

So let’s discuss the importance of these two meals and what to have to prevent heartburn

A premise is that some days it’s not possible to follow this guideline, for example on special occasions for dinner, but the point is in the long term, so even if you maintain these changes for most of the days during the week that is going to make the difference 


- Oatmeal with fresh fruits 

- Egg white Omelette with low fat cheese 

- Blueberry and Kefir Oatmeal

- Strawberries and kiwi based smoothies 

- Low fat yogurt and berries 


- Vegetable based risotto

- Shrimp and veggies 

- Tofu and veggies wrap 

- Sweet Potato Gnocchi 

- Frittata with sausage 

- Butternut Squash pasta 

Some extra tips to prevent or reduce the symtpoms caused by heartburn:

- Large meals especially of fried or extra spicy food is not helpful, instead on the other hand eating little and often helps to manage better during the day especially not processed food 

- Avoid lying down too early after a meal to help your body with the digestion, this could be included with a new sleeping routine as discussed previously 

-  Products like Chewingum are useful to produce extra saliva and increase the digestion process, also eating slower help this production

- Keep a gap of 3 hours at least withouth food/snacks before going to sleep

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