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Product Review: Alpro Barista Soya plant based milk

 Why this product review: - The nutritional content are exceptional and we are going to discuss this in details below, this also means that you don't have to stick with this brand , if you find something with similar values on the label for the main nutritional values, then is totally fine to choose that, in some countries this brand may not be available so it's one more reason to check the labels to find something similar if interested, for example in the US this brand can be found under the name of "silk" milk which is owened by Danone and is the same one that sells Alpro in Europe  - The Barista version i n terms of taste and flavours is better than the regular soya drink, so a good way to improve the diet withouth having to compromise too much the enjoyment  - The frequency: milk can be one ingredient used almost everyday for a lot of people so having an alternative with better nutritional values than cow's milk is a huge impact at the end of the month in te