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Nutrition and Myocarditis

Disclaimer: This is scritcly a Dietetic point of view on how to improve or even better prevent symptoms related to myocarditis in the short and long term This means that anything related to medication has to be discussed with your Doctor obviously  We are going to discuss food to prefer and avoid on a daily basis to have good impact and improvement on your symptoms or to avoid any symptoms to occur if possible  Causes of Myocardtis: The inflammation of the muscular layer of the heart  (myocardium) Can be caused by: - Viruses ( including covid 19 and Herpes ) - Bacteria   - Fungi and Parasites  - Autoimmune diseases   Often the cause cannot be found which makes thing more complicated but the treament including the nutritional side can follow a similar path to recover from this, alongside the correct medication prescribed  Why this is caused and symptoms: The first 3 points in the above list are all going to trigger your immune system and the inflammation caused is your body trying to