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Nutrition after covid, practical tips and quicker recovery

 Recovering after covid is often a slow process so here some practical tips from a nutritional point of view on how to recover faster and useful advice on how to deal with common side effects after the infection Once again is not about the quantity but the quality of food used, so when thinking about increasing your energetic intake through food is important to prefer good quality protein without increasing eccessevily the carbohydrates and fats that can be contained in the product Some examples of nourishing meals are: - Cottage cheese - Low fat and low sugar nordic style yogurt (high in protein)  - No added sugar baked beans  - Lentil soups/ Dhal  - Stew made with meat or Tofu/quorn as a alternative  - Handful of nuts  - Some other high quality protein includes: lean meat, non-fatty fish and pulses  - Green leafy vegetables  Another side effect is getting tired easily so how to deal with fatigue: - Considering to introduce Vitamin and supplements if you are not taking them already