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Improve the quantity and quality of your sleep from a nutritional point of view

 We will discuss both general and nutrional advice to improve the quality and the quantity of your sleep including the "deep sleep" to actually feel rested when you wake up Poor sleep is linked to affect your: - Exercise performance - Brain function - Hormones  and leading on the other side to: - Comfort eating  - Stress related snacking  So part of a healthy lifestyle is to make sure to have a good amount of deep sleep, so here some nutritional and general advice to do so Nutritional advice: -Turkey : especially for dinner is a good lean source of protein and most importantly tryptophan, which increases the production of melatonin linked to a better quality of sleep  - Sea bream : this is another good lean protein source rich in tryptophan and also omega 3 - Improve your magnesium intake which improves the relaxation and quality of your sleep, some food high in magnesium are: Nuts, Legumes, Tofu,  Seeds, Fish, Pistachios - Wholemeal carbs : Pasta and rice are common dinner