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Nutritional advice on how to improve triglycerides and practical tips for your lifestyle

  First of all, what are the triglycerides ? - They are the most common fats in our body. - They are not just introduced by fatty food as you can imagine but also from: - Extra calories even if they are from carbohydrates like sugar or alcohol for example (because they will be converted and stored in fat cells). What's the difference with cholesterol? - Cholesterol can be used to build cell and hormones - Triglycerides instead are stored in cells, so they are both lipids but with different functions. Why is important to keep this under control? - To avoid risks of heart diseases is the main reason, especially stroke - To avoid the risk of the metabolic syndrome  The diagnosis: Usually when the levels are above 150 mg/dl they are considered high. It means that improvements are necessary in the lifestyle, so let's discuss them now in this post. "Grocery list" here some of the best ingredients to use in your daily intake to improve the triglycerides: - No added sugar be