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Detailed list of food to help you lower your cholesterol and practical tips

  Sometimes could be confusing to understand what food to choose to lower your cholesterol level so here a detailed list that can help you with plus practical tips for the long term. - Food with added sterols and stanols This plant based compound has the effect of blocking the cholesterol and this will directly lower the levels  Don't think about this chemical as something not natural because is actually contained in some fruits and vegetables but sometimes is just not enough Nowadays there are different brands that offer this in their products like:  yogurt, milk and butter to mention a few, usually it's clearly stated on the package if there is any of this compound added in their products Just make sure to read the labels to make sure that has stanols/sterols  Note: not recommended for pregnant women or if you are taking Ezetimide because this medication works in a similar way - Unsaturated fats Because saturated fats are one of the first thing to reduce on the other hand ch