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Difference between Diastolic and Systolic blood pressure and how to reduce specifically the Diastolic one and why is it important

Here’s how to understand your diastolic blood pressure number: Normal Between 60 and 80 Stage 1 hypertension 80-89 Stage 2 hypertension 90 or more Hypertensive crisis 120 or more What is defined as TOO LOW: Usually the target is to lower the blood pressure but the side effects is the: Isolated diastolic hypotension This happens when the systolic is normal but the diastolic is low A diastolic level below 60 is usually related to dizziness, feeling tired and low energy Considering all of the above the focus shouldn't be just to lower the blood pressure but to have a balance in the right range, simply not too high and not too low   The Diastolic blood pressure: Is the force exerted when the heart is at rest. It is a common mistake that many Doctors focus more on one number which is the systolic blood pressure that is the highest compared to the diastolic one, but this last one shouldn't be ignored. So here some recommendation on how to keep the balance in the most suitable range W