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In this section I will discuss about food purely as enjoyment from an hedonistic point of view. 

With specific dishes for each country/city visited personally. 

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🇱🇻 Riga - Latvia:

☆ Overall Vote:
7/10 ★


Riga - Latvia 


Big Bad Bagels

Baznīcas iela 8, Centra rajons, Rīga, LV-1010


☆ Food: 8/10 

Rated as one of the best food spot near the city centre, the bagels are very fresh and there are many ingredients to personalise it plus all the choices in the menu obviously, same applies to vegan and vegetarian alternatives

One of the most popular bagel is the: "Salmon in New York" with cream cheese, red onion, capers and spinach 
The one in the picture instead is the: BLT, bacon, lettuce, tomato, mustard, red onion and cheese 

They offer a large variety of smoothies as well in case you fancy something different from a coffee 

☆ Vibe: 6/10 

The staff is really polite and able to help in English too
Small but cosy location with few tables very close to all the main attractions in the city 

✪ Interesting facts:

⍟ Not too far from the bagels country of origin: Poland, mostly from the Jewish communities in the country

⍟ Funny fact there is a way of saying when someone slept a lot, which is: " I slept a bagel last night" in Yeshivish term, referring to the fact that bagels needs at least 12 hours of "rest" before baking

⍟ Latvia is located in the north-east of Europe and sharing the boarders with Russia, but is part of the UE and using Euro as currency, I have noticed more similarities to Central Europe than Eastern countries, at least in the capital city


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