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How to avoid common side effects of statin (Cholesterol medication) and how to prevent taking them in the first place

 The Benefits: Let's discuss first the reasons why is prescribed and the improvements expected from these kind of medications - Lowering the Cholesterol will reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke and angina - Reducing LDL: with regular blood tests you should be able to see the LDL cholesterol levels reducing with time  Type of medication: - Atorvastatin is one of the most famous and commonly prescribed  - Lovastatin, Fluvastatin, Simvastatin are the alternatives, this last one seems to reporter fewer side effects Side effects: Let's discuss now some of the most frequent side effects occurring -  Muscle pain It depends on the person and can be soreness or in certain cases affect your daily activity but is really rare to have serious muscles damages from the statins, so the point is that really depends on how much is affecting your everyday activities - Liver inflammation This is rare but can happen, also need to consider if the inflammation is mild you might continue the medic