FSMP - food for special medical purposes, what is it and practical examples on what to choose and be aware of

 FSMP stands for:

Food for




What exactly does it mean?

The food has been designed to meet a specific medical requirement to be used for specific medical conditions 

The variety in this is wide since the requirements are many and increasing day by day

Some practical examples:

- Bonebalance: These products help with bone density so their food has increased nutrients aimed for this purpose

- Infant formula for special medical purposes 

What is the difference with food supplements?

Food supplements are used in a balanced diet and they are NOT a medical product and they can slowly improve a deficit with time

FSMP are medical product which often needs to be used under medical supervision and are targeted to have a stronger and quicker result for what they claim with research behind this claim.

When is needed?

When the diet or supplements are not enough and not achieving the desired target and after consulting your Doctor to agree on this.

Also when there is any absorption or digestive issue that is making the diet and supplement not work and not effective (some example are allergies or malnutrition related diseases)

Genetic conditions are included in this case and can be developed on a later stage in life.

The results:

- The first aim is to improve the medical condition itself where the diet itself is not enough

- The quality of the life will improve especially in the long term

- Prevention of malnutrition related disease and the medical condition complications as well


- The diet will always be important as a very first approach to see if supplements and FSMP can be avoided, but in case there is a diagnoses and the targets are not being reached, the diet still needs to be controlled even when FSMP or supplements are prescribed 

- Is important to have the supervision when using these products and not to use these by yourself since some of these can be found and purchased online without supervision, but this is NOT recommended 

- Whatever is the target to reach keep in mind that needs to be monitored regularly to understand how to regulate the portions of FSMP or even when is not necessary anymore and the diet alone can be enough, otherwise there might the opposite effect of having too much of a certain nutrient.

- It's important when buying the product if by yourself, to check the labels to make sure is certified and approved as FSMP in your country and if there is more than one brand to compare which one might be the most "fortified" with the amount of nutrients you are in need for.

Useful Link:

This is the official nutritional legislation sheet from the UK government:



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