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In this section I will discuss about food purely as enjoyment from an hedonistic point of view. 

With specific dishes for each country/city visited personally. 

This page will be updated regularly so stay tuned :)

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 🇺🇦Kyiv- Ukraine  

 Overall Vote: 8/10 ★     

Location: Larks&owls, 18/1, вулиця Прорізна, Київ, 01001 

18/1, Prorizna St, Kyiv, Ukraine, 01001 

☆ Food: 9/10 

Coffee and pastry with democratic prices as mentioned in the shop, there is a really good variety of choices and the ingredients are fresh, perfect place if you are lookinf for something healthy and nutricious, regardinge the drinks I would recommed the blue matcha latte  (in the picture) which was full in flavours 

☆ Vibe: 7/10 

Located near the city centre, is a small and cozy place, but there is an upper floor if you are not in a rush and have time to relax, the staff was very nice and attentive, ready to suggest good combinations based on what you order 

✪ Interesting facts:

⍟  The coffee culture in Kyiv is strong, there is a cafe in literally every corner and all this competition clearly helped to raise the standards, the variety of coffees and teas you can find in this place is amazing

⍟  This coffee shop is near the Golden gate where you can take your coffee, seat and relax, also if you are lucky you can find talented musicians playing in this park 

⍟ I recommend to take the metro to reach this location, not only because is super cheap and you can avoid the traffic and delays of ordering an uber, but also becuase is literally the deepest metro in the world (Arsenalna station is the deepest) sounds scary but is not, and is defitenily an experience to try 


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