Functional Mushroom part 2: Lion's Mane

 If you haven't heard of this mushroom yet, is getting more and more recognised in the last few years and even got an article on Forbes recently, but what are the real benefits and how is this used ?

Interesting fact is that not only it's used for medical purposes as supplements but also for culinary too thanks to their taste.


- Reducing blood glucose

Prevention of Diabetes it's another benefit of this functional food and a regular intake has shown a reduced amount of glucose in the blood overtime 

- Improving cognitive health

From a Japanese study it shows how can improve and prevent our cognitive health, the supplements taken by the patients regularly have shown a better result and when they stopped taking them their abilities where back as it was before the experiment

- Protect against ulcers 

Thanks to the ability of promoting a healthier gut microbiota and reducing the inflammation, this mix it's one of the most powerful protection against the harmful  bacteria that can cause ulcers 

- Inflammation and oxidation

This mushroom has one of the highest anti oxidant power among all mushrooms and this is linked to a reduced inflammation 

Study has shown that improves the immunity as well especially of the gut microbiota 

- Anxiety and depression

Because of the reason stated above another direct positive outcome is the reduction of anxiety and depression thanks to a better immune system and lower inflammation.


- Supplements

Many brands offer a variety of supplements in different forms like capsules or powder

- Cooking

This can be enjoyed in a variety of dish especially with rice or pasta so it's definitely worth a try before even starting with the supplements 

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