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Low Caloric Drinks different brand and type of beers wines and ciders compared

As we discussed in the previous post Calories in Alcohol are very high plus  are empty calories because will not fill you up But we have also discussed about compromises to still have drinks socially or just to relax So here some alternatives to have a reduce amount of calories and still enjoy some drinks once in a while About Beers: In the past, light beers were famous for a terrible taste, I am not going to lie, but nowadays any big brand is making to own light alternatives which taste really similar to the original version , with the huge difference that the calories are two or even three times less. Practical advices on what to choose: Guinness Draught:125 calories per bootle , if you like dark beers and this beer i s not even a Light version Bud Light: 110 calories per bootle Bud Select: 55 calories per bootle, One of the lowest  Miller Genuine draft: 64 calories per bootle Coors Light: 102 calories  per bootle Corona Light: 99 calories 

How to find a routine and a structure everyday, developing new habits

Quality and quantity of food are important for sure but When the food is eaten is important as well. The first thing we usually think when starting a new diet is about: -  What we eat  -  How much we eat Rarely focusing on "when" we eat  Is important to focus on this aspect as well to make these changes more like lifestyle improvements instead of just another diet that could last just for few months, so we are looking for something in the long run instead of a quick temporary fix  To explain  better the concept of time when eating: Time should't be seen as a reschriction or like a deadline, it should be used to have a regular timetable depending on the day and depending on your schedules. Something that in the long term can help you to stay on track without even noticing, and that is exactly what a new habit and an improved lifestyle target we are aiming for. Everyone has different  schedules and is normal to have very busy days when is hard to keep track, so how do we